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Assisting Business Owners Through a Variety of Employment Disputes

Markoff Leinberger is experienced in handling employment issues for business owners in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our firm can handle a variety of employment matters, including contracts, severance, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wage theft. We can help your company defend against allegations and claims regarding these and related matters.

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What is Employment Law?

Employment law is a legal field that governs the rights, responsibilities, and relationships between employers, employees, and labor organizations. It encompasses a wide range of legal regulations and principles that dictate how employment relationships should be structured, managed, and protected.

Employment law covers both individual and collective aspects of the employer-employee relationship and aims to ensure fair treatment, workplace safety, and compliance with legal standards. Here are some key areas covered by employment law:

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    Employment Contracts: Employment law governs the formation and terms of employment contracts, including aspects such as job duties, compensation, benefits, working hours, and termination procedures.

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    Wages and Compensation: Employment law establishes standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, and fair compensation practices. It also addresses issues related to wage discrimination and equal pay for equal work.

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    Workplace Discrimination: Employment law prohibits discrimination based on characteristics such as race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, and more. It ensures that employees are treated fairly and equally in all aspects of employment.

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    Harassment and Hostile Work Environment: Employment law addresses workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, and requires employers to take measures to prevent and address such behavior. It also deals with creating a safe and respectful work environment.

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    Safety and Health: Employment law requires employers to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, including compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

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    Termination and Severance: Employment law governs the procedures for terminating employees, including notice requirements, severance packages, and protection against wrongful termination.

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    Whistleblower Protections: Employment law safeguards employees who report illegal activities, fraud, or unethical behavior within their organizations from retaliation.

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    Employee Benefits: Employment law covers employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, disability benefits, and other forms of compensation.

Overall, employment law plays a crucial role in ensuring that the rights of both employers and employees are protected, that workplaces are free from discrimination and harassment, and that fair labor practices are followed.

Why Choose Our Chicago Employment Lawyers

Our attention to detail and ability to understand your business goals make Markoff Leinberger well-situated to help you bring your dispute to a successful conclusion. We aggressively fight for your rights when the situation calls for it, and if it calls for careful navigation to avoid a protracted legal fight, we have the experience to handle that as well.

It takes a skilled lawyer to navigate nuanced and complex employment issues. Call our Chicago employment law attorneys at (312) 726-4162 to discuss your situation.